Our Story

In 2012, CEEM founder and CEO Reggie Webb nearly died. He was rushed to the hospital just in time to receive life-saving interventions to stabilize his condition. As he spent weeks in recovery, one word kept echoing in his mind: legacy.

As a former executive with the McDonald’s Corporation, Webb helped people from underrepresented communities become franchisees with one of the world’s most iconic brands. However, he wanted to do more to help African-Americans achieve financial independence. Through his research, Webb learned about the Mondragon Cooperative, a worker-owner co-op in the Basque region of Spain that grew from a handful of initial participants into a massive federation of more than 260 businesses and cooperatives, 80,000 workers, and more than €12 billion in revenue. After learning how the Mondragon Cooperative helped transform its town, Webb wanted to replicate a similar model in Black communities in America.

A chance meeting with Ratibu Jacocks, a community organizer in Rialto, Calif., helped Webb formalize his idea for an economic cooperative. After visiting a Westside Action Group meeting to discuss entrepreneurship in the Black community, Webb attended a retreat where he outlined the vision for CEEM.

In 2016, CEEM was officially born. At first, Webb brought in his children — who help run Webb Family Enterprises — then he extended the offer to business and community leaders in his local area. Today, CEEM is a legally formed cooperative in the state of California and brings community members together to keep more of the business revenue generated by African-Americans consumers in the Inland Empire in the hands of the Black community.

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What is CEEM?

CEEM is an economic cooperative committed to closing the racial wealth gap by educating, investing in and supporting the African-American professional and entrepreneurial ecosystem. CEEM encourages its members to support African-American owned businesses in its network and increase the turnover of dollars in our communities so we can all rise together.

Our Mission

CEEM is an economic cooperative committed to helping African-Americans create wealth through uniting our efforts and investing in African-American owned ventures. CEEM provides support, counseling, and leadership development for entrepreneurs and network members in order to close the racial wealth gap and improve economic outcomes for the African-American community.

Core Values

CEEM is committed to:

  • Uniting our efforts for collective advancement

  • Acting with respect, integrity and trust

  • Advocating for greater opportunities and economic advancement for African-Americans

  • Diversity

CEEM exists to provide opportunities and support for African-Americans in their entrepreneurial endeavors. And we ask anyone who is in support of this mission to join us. We model ourselves after the Civil Rights Movement. Most photographs taken of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement include people from many ethnic backgrounds. We intend to be the same. Equity in opportunity is what we are fighting for, and anyone who believes in that principle is already in the Movement, and we welcome them to #JoinCEEM!

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