Lower Crime Rates

More Black entrepreneurs yield lower crime. In the '90s, Black business ownership grew 48%, violent offenses involving Black youth dropped 29%.

African-American entrepreneurs are becoming social buffers for youth and painting a clear image of what life could look like in the role of a business owner, and providing new sources of resources to the community.


Promote true equality for all business owners

"Black-owned businesses in the US average $58,000 in annual revenue, compared to $546,000 for White-owned businesses. The racial gap between businesses with paid employees, a strong indicator of corporate health, is just as stark. Only 4.2% of African American-owned businesses have paid staff, while that number for White-owned businesses is 42.8%"

Better funding for African American business start ups

"Minorities are majorly driving the growth of entrepreneurship in this country. According to Census Bureau data, the number of minority-owned firms doubled over the last decade. These businesses employ 6.3 million workers and generate $1.8 trillion in revenue each year." - Meredith Wood

Even though minorities are majorly driving the growth of entrepreneurship in this country the path to entrepreneurship is certainly harder for people of color.


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