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Dr. Len Cooper, Entrepreneurs

Dr. Cooper is an Equity Partner of People Helping People. He oversees 9 offices across the country with over 350 licensed agents by providing mentorship and industry training. He has helped hundreds of businesses and families by helping them substantially enhance their financial status. His experience in life insurance, student loan debt reduction, annuities, and pension plans, creates unique opportunities to provide exceptional value to a variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

As a former educator, simplifying difficult financial concepts is the focus of his business. While so many people have attended school, most were never educated about how money works. Consequently, people tend to learn the hard way when faced with a financial crisis. One of Dr. Cooper’s goals is to help his clients’ make their money work more efficiently and prevent financial woes from occurring. This is why he entered into the financial services arena. 

Prior to that, Dr. Cooper was an educator for 14 years. During his tenure, he served as a teacher, vice-principal, principal, and ultimately as Director of Targeted Student Achievement. He developed programs and instructional approaches that focus on the academic needs of students, conducted staff development, facilitated committee meetings, provided teacher coaching, and evaluated classified personnel. He has a PhD in Urban Educational Leadership from Claremont University; M.A., in Education Administration from California State University, San Bernardino; M.A., in Education from Claremont; and a B.S., in Business Administration from University of California, Riverside. 

Most importantly, he has a beautiful wife, and two sons who make his life complete.

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